"As your Davidson County Criminal Court, Division IV Judge I will champion proven strategies within the judicial system that empower people to change their lives." -- Tillman Payne

Treatment Courts are the single most successful intervention in our nation’s history for leading people living with substance use and mental health disorders out of the justice system and into lives of recovery and stability.

Instead of viewing addiction as a moral failing, they view it as a disease. Instead of punishment, they offer treatment. Instead of indifference, they show compassion.

Tillman's Priorities

Save Lives 

Treatment courts save lives every single day. Tillman will employ a holistic approach that goes beyond simply treating substance use disorders. One of his top priorities is to improve education, employment, housing, and financial stability; promote family reunification; reduce foster care placements, and increase the rate of mothers with substance use disorders delivering fully drug-free babies. 

Reduce Stigma

Uphold the enduring, absolute value of every human person and embody compassion towards the most vulnerable in our justice system. Reduce the stigma of substance use and mental health disorders has never been more important as our county battles the opioid epidemic.

Serve Veterans

Ensure that justice-involved veterans suffering from substance abuse, mental health and/or trauma are held accountable but are also given the opportunity to remain employed and provide for their families while receiving the benefits, treatment, and services they have earned in Treatment Court. Under Tillman's leadership, Division IV Court will expedite access to veterans’ benefits and services, economize resources and provide a stopgap for future homelessness and incarceration. We must ensure these programs remain available for those who have honorably served this country and now need our help; particularly as we prepare for an influx of veterans returning home. 

Under Tillman's Leadership Davidson County Criminal Court, Division IV will: 

  • Save taxpayers dollars
  • Significantly reduce recidivism.
  • Expand the capacity of our Treatment Courts to better serve Davidson County residents who find themselves in the criminal justice system.
  • Save state and local prison space for dangerous offenders.